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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What are You Doing Today?

What if each of us did just one thing each day for the cause of life?  Today, I am writing this blog.  Yesterday, I went to a Missouri Right to Life meeting.  Saturday, I went to a Missouri Right to Life planning meeting.  I try to remember to pray daily for the cause, but often forget.  But that's just me.  What have you done today?  How about yesterday?  What are you doing on a daily basis for the cause of the least among us?

Maybe a more important question is what CAN you do?  Many of us may feel like it's a hopeless cause.  Maybe you feel like the government is never going to change or that it's not even your place.  Maybe you feel like this is just another sign of the times.

At the planning/information meeting over the weekend, the MRL president shared a story that really touched my heart.  It went something like this...

There once was a man who lived on a piece of land.  On this land, there was a huge rock.  This rock was a thorn in his side.  He asked God what to do with it and God told him to push it.  So he went out the next morning and pushed.  It didn't move an inch (he didn't think it would), so he went about his day.  The next morning, he tried again.  Again, it didn't move.  He went the rest of the week, then another week, then the month, then for years, every morning, pushing the rock.  When the day came that the man grew old and died, he asked God, "Lord, why did the rock never move?  I didn't like it.  You told me to push it and I did.  Why didn't it move?"  God told the man, "I didn't ask you to move the rock.  I just asked you to push it."

This may be exactly what God is asking of us.  We hope not. We hope and pray that the rock does move, but until then, we need to be diligently pushing every day.

So what have you done today to push the rock?

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