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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Other Talk Part One

The following blog was submitted by a reader who wanted to share her story. This is a story for ALL of us to read and learn a lesson from. I chose this as the first story for this blog because it teaches something so important for all pro-lifers to remember.  I'll be sharing it over the course of two posts, so be sure to read the conclusion tomorrow.  

The Other Talk

As parents we all know how important it is to instill our values and beliefs in our children.  Particularly in spiritual matters.  We desire our children to have a genuine relationship with God and do all that we can to protect it.  We set boundaries, we limit who they spend time with, what they are doing outside of our home and we have "The Talk."  You know the one, "The Talk" where we lay out our expectations for moral and spiritual purity.  "The Talk" that explains how babies are made and the fact that the process is a precious gift that should only  be shared between a husband and his wife.  "The Talk" that says if you ever make a mistake (hopefully this won't happen if boundaries are in place) your father and I love you more than anything and we will always love you, you can come to us with anything.  My mother and father had all these talks with us but "The other Talk" I'd like to mention today unfortunately came a few months too late, and a baby never had a chance at life because of it. (Some non-essential details in the following story are changed for privacy)

When I was a 14 year old girl I had a friend (I'll call her Angela) who was very much, not a Christian.  School was the only place I'd see her, and to this day I'm not sure why she picked me as a friend.  We were different in about every way imaginable, but I suppose I was kind and High School girls in general can be very mean, so we were friends when school was in session.  She ran however, with a very different type of crowd after school hours.  Angela would tell me about her new boyfriend and their "escapades," I'd tell her she was foolish and shouldn't do those type of things.  Angela soon learned I wouldn't tolerate her stories of misbehaviors and our conversations generally focused on what boys in our class were good-looking or our school work.  Then one day our conversations took a very different tone when she confided in me that she was pregnant.

My parents had always instilled in me, and I believed with all my heart that an unborn life is just as alive as you or I.  I told Angela she shouldn't get an abortion, but at 14 I had no real idea how to help her, where to send her, or what to do.  I just had  a conviction with no real solutions.  Angela was terrified, she didn't tell her boyfriend for many months and she didn't tell her parents.  I finally convinced her to see a school counselor, I figured that she could at least help Angela tell her parents.  Angela asked if I would go with her.

As we sat in the counselor's office waiting, Angela looked as if she would crumble at any moment.  When the counselor came in and asked what was wrong, Angela broke down and told her that she was pregnant.  A desperate 14 year old girl was sitting there and the first adult she had turned to for help immediately suggested abortion.  I was horrified.   Soon after the meeting with the counselor, Angela told her parents, she was now nearly 5 months pregnant.  Her parents told her they would support whatever her decision was, whether to have her baby or abort it.  

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